Things to know while you put up pool cabanas

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Published: 22nd June 2010
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Are you planning to build a pool cabana? If so, there are quite a few things to consider before you start building. It is easy to get a pool cabana of your dreams if you have an eye for detail and careful planning. As part of the planning process, it is better advised to make a list of all functions that one like to be included in the pool cabana.

The basic thing to know is that the pool house cabana should be within a striking distance from the pool. There are certain points to consider too. You must check how to maximize sunlight, the exact location of the cabana, essential amenities like electricity, water and other facilities inside the cabana including toilet, outdoor or indoor shower, bar sink etc. while deciding the location of the cabana, make sure that you evaluate the pros and cons of the preferred location with regard to the climatic conditions and four seasons. This is because the area surrounding the cabana and the weather would be different in each season. These environmental conditions have great impact over the place where the pool house would be built. The location should also be harmonious with the landscape. The fit would be comfortable to all the needs depending upon the size and convenience of the cabana.

Next consideration should be given to the interior design of the pool house and cabana. The interior settings must fulfill all the requirements. You can install partitions, wall systems and glass rooms to divide space for various different uses. If you are having bi fold bar/serving windows, you can put benches, shelving and hooks if required since they serve quite a few purposes. What is most important is that all the amenities and accessories should have a good fit to your tastes and needs and obviously useful too.

Even though there are no hard and fast rules, usually the pool cabanas are constructed in an average size of 8' x 12' and 10' x 14' (or the 10' or 11' five sided design). You must make sure that the space is sufficient for its designated intentions and at the same time remains proportional to the whole setting of the swimming pool. During the planning phase itself, keep in mind the activities that one intends to take place in the pool cabana. Then it would be easier for planning the space as well as interior designs. A pool cabana would generally include changing area, storage area for pool equipments and other accessories, kitchen, mini bar area, shower etc.

Usually the outdoor cabanas are constructed in a variety of products available in the market. The products would be constructed from a premium grade of western red cedar or maintenance free wood fiber siding which would be seen in many different color combinations. If you include different materials, it would give a unique look which would help to extend or complement a particular style of your house or garden. Many companies offer portable pool cabanas which can be set up within minutes wherever desired. Such outdoor cabanas would be made of highest grade materials and top of the line fabrics. With such portable cabanas, you can turn almost any place into a resort experience.

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