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Published: 08th February 2010
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During summer, having an air conditioner outdoor may be relaxing for family members. During the peak of summer months, people avoid staying outdoors as the heat is oppressive and levels of humidity can make things worse. Home misting systems can help you substantially overcome this problem and make your outdoor life comfortable.

Your pool or the patio or garden space can be cooled quickly by as much as 35 degrees due to home misting systems. Buying a home misting system can be very effective for people wishing to spend long hours outside their homes and have fun.

Misting systems are used outdoors in most cases and during hot climates to keep people cool. Misting systems save your skin from incalculable harm that sun's powerful radiations are capable of. They also keep your pets cool and devoid of uneasiness during the scorching summer months.

There are available in the market a wide range of misting systems and misting fans to meet the outdoor cooling needs of home owners. These misting systems and misting fans are capable of reducing outdoor temperatures by as much as 25 degrees. Through the use of different levels of technology, these systems can provide outdoor cooling to meet all types of needs.

The Low-Pressure Misting System Kit connects directly to a water hose and operates with the standard home water pressure. This professional quality low-pressure misting kit comes with all parts for an easy installation and trouble-free maintenance. This 16-inch Oscillating Misting Fan for homeowners reduces surrounding temperatures with a high-velocity, 3-speed shower-proof motor and immersion-shock protection. The misting fan is quite affordable and long-lasting.

The Mid-Pressure Misting pump can convert a low-pressure system into a mid-pressure system. Simply place a mid-pressure pump between the water source and the supply line, provide electricity, and the pump will appreciably increase the water pressure. This system produces smaller droplets which provide a finer mist that evaporates quickly. The pump works in conjunction with either our low-pressure misting systems or our misting fans.

High Pressure misting systems are chosen for applications where maximum cooling is needed. These applications would include not only residential places but other commercial establishments like restaurants, amusement parks, sports stadium, hotels and resorts. High Pressure misting systems can also control odors and dust that contaminate the environments. High pressure systems are also used for fire and smoke control, frost protection and visual effects in a pool, garden or other areas.

You can also build your own home misting system. All you need will be a garden hose, a 0.75 garden hose adaptor and a spray bottle with a screw type cap. Your existing domestic water supply should suffice. The materials needed are commonly available in the market and can be obtained easily.

First, clean the spray bottle and its cap thoroughly to remove dust and other particles that may obstruct the effective functioning of the misting system. Screw up the hose adapter to the bottom of the nozzle of the spray bottle making sure they are fastened tightly to prevent possible leakages. Now attach the hose to the adapter as securely as possible to prevent any immediate or future leakage.

Allow the water to pass through at a low speed. Now rotate the cap on the nozzle of the sprayer bottle so that water escaped freely. The amount of water that comes out and the speed at which it comes out solely depends on the nozzle that you use. You may be required to tape or glue some parts so that water flows out freely and at the right amount.

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