Outdoor Patio Umbrellas and their Types

Published: 04th May 2011
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Over the years, outdoor patio umbrellas have gained in importance and today various types of patio umbrellas are available in the market.

The problem of harmful ultraviolet rays has become more acute now than ever before. Besides, people are today more health-conscious and are fully aware what harmful effects continued exposure to the sun can cause. Fear of dermatological diseases and skin cancer is also one more reason why people decide to buy a patio umbrella.

These facts apart, people want to spend time outdoors in summer months and want patio umbrellas to protect them from the scorching sun. In view of the increased demand, manufacturers are coming out with outdoor patio umbrellas in all kinds of aesthetic designs to add to the outdoor decor. The prices of patio umbrellas also vary and anyone can afford to buy a patio umbrella without much financial strain.

There are quite a few types of outdoor patio umbrellas. But broadly speaking, you can divide them in two types - central pole patio umbrella and side-post patio umbrella. The former type is known as market umbrella presumably because these types of umbrellas are predominantly used for commercial purposes.

Market umbrella are ubiquitously used in open-air restaurants and clubs and near the swimming pools and on the beaches; but seldom in a private lawn or patio. Moreover, market umbrellas are also used for advertising and marketing campaigns by having the company logo or the products printed on the canopy and have the umbrella placed in a prominent place.

Outdoor patio umbrellas are also a veritable boon for the restaurants and wayside cafes as they create additional sitting space for customers during peak hours. Customers who otherwise would have had to wait for empty seats or leave the restaurants can now can straightaway sit in the open space under the shade of the market umbrella.

The market umbrellas, due to their durability and aesthetic looks, are slowly entering households. The frames can be made from wood, aluminum or resin and the canopy fabric can vary in keeping with ones needs and preferences.

The other common type of outdoor patio umbrellas is the cantilever and offset umbrellas. The cantilever umbrella is more to describe the way that the canopy is attached to a swing arm that can be positioned in different angles to provide the right shade. Likewise, offset umbrellas refer to the way that the pole is positioned off to the side and they allows for the canopy to be positioned over the area to be shaded while the base and pole stay out of the way.

Patio umbrellas usually range in size from a canopy measurement of around 6 to 11. Of course, the umbrellas can be custom built for larger sizes. Big sized patio umbrellas are mostly of the offset or cantilever type, allowing more dining space. There are ways of adding some additional lighting to the space under the patio umbrella. If you wish use your patio for outdoor dining or playing cards in the evenings, you can consider some form of umbrella lights to brighten up the entire area.

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