Misting systems for dust suppression and humidification

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Published: 19th August 2010
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In most of the outdoor worksites, the control of dust is an ongoing problem. There are many health risks related to respiratory complaints and visibility issues. The dust can be effectively suppressed by using a misting system which is capable of producing a dust control spray. It has been found out that the effectiveness of the surface wetting can be increased by reducing the size of the droplet diameter and increasing the number of droplets.

When a fine water mist is sprayed into the air, it has the capacity to capture airborne dust particles. Agglomerates are formed when the very fine water droplets collides with the dust particles. These agglomerates are forced to the ground when they get heavy. To get the best effect the size of the water droplet should be in ideal size. This means it has to be in the same size of the dust that has to be suppressed.

The main part of a misting system would be the misting nozzles which are used for the suppression of the dust. Efficiency of the nozzles would determine the effectiveness of the dust control. Depending on the type of dust suppression that is required, the water droplet size distribution from the nozzle would be varied and it is most important variable in the whole system. A misting nozzle that produces an extremely fine mist with droplets ranging in size from sub micron to micron is very essential in producing very fine droplets that would capture the airborne dust.

Similarly, the misting systems are also effectively used in the food industry for humidification purpose. One of the severe problems affecting the food industry is the storage of fruit and vegetable for a prolonged time. It is important to keep the fruits and vegetables in humid conditions since most of them are comprised of water and if the outside conditions become dry, the fresh products would deteriorate rapidly. Hence a misting system is used to maintain high humidity and keep the produce with all its freshness for a long time. This humidity would increase the moisture level in the surrounding to a point that would be similar to that of the moisture levels of the produce itself. Furthermore, this misting system would provide further protection by cooling the surrounding temperature thereby preserving the food.

The humidification process is also used in the wine making industry. In barrel rooms where long term storage of wine takes place, the misting systems are used for marinating the humidity. The barrel rooms are specifically designed places where there is ideal humidity to avoid the loss of wine through evaporation. The wine barrels are made of oaks and they are designed in such a way that the wine is allowed to breathe for becoming old and develop its complex tastes and aromas. Thus the misting systems form an important part in suppressing the dust particles in the work sites and also they are effectively used to maintain humidity in the food industry. The efficiency of the system would be determined by the quality of the misting nozzles being used.

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