Misting nozzles are the heart of misting systems

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Published: 11th August 2010
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The most important and vital part of a misting system is the misting nozzle which converts water into a fine mist by using high pressure. The water droplets released through the nozzles is so small that it is measured in microns. This is because the holes in the nozzles are exceptionally small. When the water passes through the misting nozzles, it is effectively vaporized as a result of a process called as flash evaporation. As a result of flash evaporation, a mist is formed leaving the place cool and humid. These misting systems have proved to be effective in households as well as in a number of industries.

The misting fans and mist line systems contribute the misting systems. The misting fans are valuable pieces of equipment that has proved to be very useful in green houses and other horticultural setups. Evaporative cooling, livestock cooling, dampening down dust and concrete curing are some of the process that benefit from the misting fans. The outdoor misting fans are used to cool people during sports events and also at work during summer. The misting fans too have nozzles that spray water into the path of fan which would be then directed onto whatever is placed in its path. The nozzles can be removed and cleaned or replaced if they are broken or if they become clogged. They are available in a large variety of sizes, angle ranges and are capable of operating at different PSI levels ranging from 30-250. The misting fans produce both high pressure and low pressure mists which are refreshing and welcome.

At some places more cooling would be required compared to others. The benefit of misting nozzle is that the strength of the water that would be forced through the nozzle would determine the amount of water that you will need to pass through the misting nozzle. A range of different uses are also available by using the misting fan. For maintain the humidity inside a greenhouse, the fans can be used as it sprays a fine mist that is required. The fan also acts a cooling device when it is being used outdoors. For using in the outdoors, the level of the water to be sprayed would be greater. The misting nozzles can be replaced according to the needs.

It has to be noted that the misting nozzles are not only required for industrial job types. Sometimes they are being sued for creating an artificial fog effect on stage at the theaters and other settings. The nozzles are commonly known as fog nozzles as the mist being produced is very fine and looks somewhat similar to fog. The misting systems are also at times referred as fogger mister.

Since they are used for a variety of purposes, the misting nozzles are indeed the crux of the fogging systems. Hence people have a fear that the nozzles may be quite expensive. However that is not the case and depending on the quality of the piece that you buy, you would get a better deal.

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