Keep your place cool with misting cooling system

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Published: 21st June 2010
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During the summer months when the weather is humid and hot, you would obviously need a cooling system to overcome the physical discomfort. Misting is the best way to control hot summer conditions, because you can bring the temperature down and add moisture to the dry air at the same time.

People mostly use misting fans for outdoor cooling in the lawns, gardens, patios and garages of their homes as well as other commercial establishments like restaurants, fairs, hospitality tents, amusement parks, sports arenas etc.

Misting systems invariably work on the evaporation technique to produce ultra fine mist that relieves the environment of the heat stress. When the water droplets are released into the hot air, they absorb the heat present in the air and get released as vapor. The change of liquid to gas creates a cooling effect known as evaporative cooling. Misting fans can be used outdoors and in areas where use of air conditioners is not feasible.

Most cooling fans are easy to install, environment-friendly and inexpensive to maintain. Many misting fans strangely consume negligible quantities of water to produce maximum cooling effect. The cooling fans are of various types - high, medium and low pressures.

High pressure fans produce greater cooling effect which is more suitable for more expansive open spaces. High pressure system are generally operated at 800 pounds of pressure or more and are also the most expensive as the materials used must be sturdy enough to endure such high pressure.

Medium pressure fans come in a wide variety and find application in commercial and residential areas. Medium pressure systems are quite often the choice of homeowners because they are efficient and yet not cost prohibitive. These systems typically operate at 100 to 200 pounds of water pressure.

Low pressure misting systems can operate on the normal domestic water supply pressure. They are the least expensive type of system and their effectiveness is understandably limited. Furthermore, because of the lower water pressure, there is a possibility of a higher frequency of clogging necessitating greater maintenance.

The temperature reduction - whatever the type of misting system - largely depends on the humidity levels of the area to be cooled. The effect of fan is more needed in places with high humidity. The flexibility of portable fans allow users to place it in different areas where needed. A properly installed, quality mist system allows you to enjoy your open areas even on hottest days.

Any reputable mist company should be able to offer you all three types of misting systems, low, medium, and high pressure, and should also guide you decide which works best for your particular application.

Make it a point to select a licensed company that has been in the business of cooling systems for long. Visit some of their installations and verify with few of their customers. You must also sure they offer a maintenance service and that replacement parts are easily available at any future date.

A basic will consist of tubing and nozzles. Always look for metal fittings and brass nozzles and avoid plastic components as metal is known to endure better in the extreme hot climate. As most systems are small, they will not in any way spoil the aesthetics of your exteriors.

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