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Published: 25th January 2010
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Most people are beginning to appreciate that a misting system or what is popularly known as evaporative cooling, is the most cost-effective way to cool gardens and areas outside one's home. The basic principle behind this system is moving air past water particles, evaporating the water. The heat required to cause the evaporation is absorbed from the prevailing hot air and the result is wafting of cool breeze reducing the temperature by nearly 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many residents testify that the misting system instantly cools the area by 20 - 30 degrees, allowing them us to spend time outside their homes even during midsummer. Of course, you want a cooling system that cools the air without wetting the surrounding area and therefore a well-designed system is necessary to enjoy the full benefits.

With just a few commonly available materials, you can develop a homemade mist system to ward off heat. All you need is only a garden hose, good supply of running water, a spray bottle with a screw-on cap and a 3/4" garden hose adapter. Remove the spray bottle top off the bottle and rinse it thoroughly in water to remove any dirt particles in the spray mechanism. Screw the garden hose adapter onto the bottom of the spray bottle nozzle and attach the garden hose to the adapter.

It is necessary that everything is fitted tightly to avoid leakage. Depending on the type of nozzle you use, you may have to tape, glue or otherwise fasten the handle in the open position to enable water to push through the cap. After creating the mister, you can hang it in the air over the area you wish to cool in front of a rotating fan to help disperse the mist and facilitate faster evaporation. This home-made mister, like all other misters, will work best in high-temperature, low-humidity environments.

The source of water can be a hand-carried pump sprayer, a reservoir with an electric pump or the tap in your house. City water has a bunch of chemicals in it and you need to do your homework to make sure your water is safe as chlorinated water and hard water may clog your misting nozzles. If you have only hard water source, use a sediment filter in the hose adapter. It is essential to clean nozzle heads at regular intervals with a solution of vinegar and water to flush out any hard water deposits. To extend the life of the nozzle heads, it is advisable to remove them at the end of every season and store them separately.

Outdoor misting fans are known to reduce the prevailing outdoor temperature by twenty degrees or even more. Strangely, the higher the temperature, the more efficiently these fans function and deliver cooler results. The amount of actual cooling that can take place depends on the actual temperature of the air outside and second is the relative humidity of the air. Water misting fans are a viable alternative to air conditioning as a means of cooling various spaces.

Home/garden misting systems can be used for a variety of purposes. Other uses include keeping a greenhouse with orchids or other plants much cooler allowing them to grow at optimum conditions. Home misting systems can also keep family pets and livestock refreshed and thus healthier.

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